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Beating Odds

Making History

— February 2015 Jamaica Visit: JOIHF Delegates Meet Jamaican Dignitaries —


The Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF) is an idea for which its time has come and will be memorialized in the annals of history as one of the great endeavors in the international sport of ice hockey!

At the core of this exciting and unprecedented undertaking is Edmond R. Phillipps (EJ), a talented young hockey American player/coach of Jamaican descent. EJ’s love of ice hockey and his father’s suggestion of merging his passion for the game and his Jamaican heritage have been the foundation of this incredible project: to establish the first Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation for participation in the 2018 Olympics!


Like the popular Jamaican Bobsled Team, which garnered overwhelming global enthusiasm and support at the 1988 Olympics, JOIHF will definitely bring a refreshing, much-needed dimension of diversity to ice hockey at the 2018 Olympics!


The concept resonates across cultural and socioeconomic lines and is gaining momentum. Please consider joining this movement...

A Message from Jamaica Olympic Association
Kudos, Jamaica!

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