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Black art tends to hide itself behind tradition,

especially here in Arizona. Far too often are

Black artists the token members among our

peers. Far too often are we placed in roles in

which we are not celebrated. These roles,

though sometimes powerful and effective,

put us back in the positions of our eternally

defining history.

As a young artist, I choose not to forget this history. I know this history is my foundation and to ignore it would be to pretend as if it does not still affect my place in this world. However, this history is not my entire world. As artists, we rise above this history. We see ourselves as a people and a person. We have more to offer, but we are often denied the chance to make these offers.

With this festival I want our Black artists to emerge and finally extend the offer of their extensive talents. I want us to celebrate our people and their work while also showing we are more than tokens. I want ASU to experience something beyond its comfort zone.

I want us all to rise above our traditions, to celebrate each other and to uncover what is hidden... a thriving passion awaiting the opportunity for expression.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the festivities and that what yo have seen here will educate and inspire you.

Thank you for supporting us,

Alexis A. Green

Coordinator, ASU Black Theatre Festival

Why are we calling this "The ASU Black Theatre Festival?"

I thought about creating some artistic name for this festival, but I decided against it. I want this to be for the students, for our community. I chose "black" over "African American" because I am choosing to deny the "political correctness" and fabricated classification of "African American."

I want to draw attention to race and particularly to color. Yes, we probably share a common ancestry, but it is the skin color that unites our experience. It is the difference in skin color and appearance that was originally feared by those who decided to create race and define that difference. Color is the key here, not descent.

                               Festival Coordinator  Alexis A. Green       Production Manager  Elyse Taylor

                   Prism Theatre Coordinator Bradford Forehand      Tech Crew Ryan Kilpatrick, Vinny Viti    

Festival Logo Ezra Hazell     Festival Photographer Brittany Gorman     Promotional Materials Leah Marché

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